Moriskan Jazz Club pres: Katu Kaiku + Karl Bjorå’s Aperture + jam!

17 april 21.00

Välkommen till Moriskan Jazz Club! Varje vecka presenterar vi en scen för jazz, med lokala och nationella inslag, i en miljö som påminner om 20-talets New York. Alltid med efterföljande jam! Denna vecka gästas vi av två band, först ut blir Katu Kaiku sedan följer Karl Bjorå’s Aperture.

1: Katu Kaiku

Katu Kaiku’s music consists of haunting melodies, organic odd meters and superb touch of dynamics played by Adele Sauros on tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute and vocals, Mikael Saastamoinen on electric bass and Erik Fräki on drums. Progressive structures meet lush and lilting, yet growing melodies. Harp-like arpeggios played on the electric bass groove and communicate with elaborate drums.

Musical roots of these young well-established jazz artists grow from jazz, pop and free improvisation. Trust, friendship and liberal attitude towards all kinds of musical ideas creates a space for trio’s distinct sound.

Katu Kaiku’s debut album ‘Tokyo/Kuopio’ came out in 2016 and received excited feedback from audience and critics. Trio’s second album will be released internationally in early 2019.

Adele Sauros – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute and vocals

Mikael Saastamoinen – electric bass, effects

Erik Fräki – drums, percussions

2: Karl Bjorå’s Aperture  

In search of an honest and personal expression, Karl Bjorå’s Aperture uses simple and beautiful melodies. This in combination with counterpoint rhythms results in an energetic sound, where consonance and dissonance go hand in hand. The extremes of the instruments are constantly explored to find new and meaningful compositions of sounds. The pursuit of high quality sound is central.

The members all have very different musical backgrounds and participate in many of the ground breaking ensembles on the young Norwegian jazz scene. Their various influences and cooperations culminates in Karl Bjorå’s Aperture, an ensemble where both the individuals and collective have space to express themselves.

On the 2nd of November 2018 their debut album, “The Most Obvious Solution”, will be released on the Trondheim based record label Øra Fonogram.

Karl Bjorå’s Aperture is:

Karl Bjorå (Megalodon Collective, Yes Deer, Spacemusic Ensemble) – Guitar
Adrian Løseth Waade (Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Skadedyr, Bone Machine) – Violin
Bardur Reinert Poulsen (The Fjords, Espen Berg Trio, Wako) – Double bass
Andreas Winther (Megalodon Collective, Left Exit Mr. K, Kari Harneshaug) – Drums

På scen 21.30
Bistron öppnar kl 19.00