Juste Debout Nordic 2018

09 februari 14.00

Juste Debut – the world’s biggest urban dance competition is coming to Malmö for a battle at Moriska Paviljongen, the 9th of February. From locking and hip hop, to popping and house and dancehall.

Juste Debout is the world’s biggest competition of urban dance, holding qualifications in every continent. For the first time ever, the Nordic qualification battle is being held in Malmö, on both the 9th & 10th of February. Dancers from all over the world are ready to compete for a place in this year’s Finals, which is held in Paris on March 4th! Only the winner of each category will be given the chance to progress to the final stage, so the stakes are high.

This will be a weekend full of Battles, Showcases, Workshops, DJ’s, parties and much more.

On the 9th of February, the battles start at 14.00 and it all continues until 22.00 – then it’s time for the Friday pre party! So, if you are interested in dancing, urban music and good vibes – you definitely don’t want to miss out on this.


13:00-14:00 Dancers registration
14:00 Doors open (audience)

Floor 1

15:00 Qualifications Locking and Hip Hop
17:30 Qualifications Popping and House
20:00 Quarter Finals Locking, Hip Hop, Popping, House
22:00 The End

Floor 2

15:00 Warm up
17:00 Qualification Dancehall
18:00 Quarter Finals Dancehall

22:00 Pre party!


– The competition will be run according to the official rules of Juste Debout. The same rules will apply at the Paris final. The contest is run as 2 vs 2 battle in Hip Hop, House, Popping and Locking. In the 2 vs 2 battles each pair can consist of dancers of same or opposite sex. No limitations/restrictions regarding dancers’ age or nationality.

– For the battle styles the competition will be run in two parts: Pre-selections (1 min. showcase per pair) & Battles (8 best pairs in each style from the pre-selections – 1/4 final battles, 1/2 final battles and final battle). Each dancer has one max. 1 min. run per battle in the 1/4 finals and 1/2 finals. two max. 1 min. runs per battle in the final. Only one routine is allowed per pair per battle! Doing more than one routine will get you automatically eliminated from the competition!

– A dancer can attend only one pre-selection in each style. F.ex. A dancer attending the Hip Hop category in Juste Debout USA may not attend the Hip Hop category in Juste Debout DENMARK. However, he/she may attend the House, Popping, Locking and Experimental categories.



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