Bous El Wawa Ball by Ranya 007

05 maj 19:00

Shako Mako Presents: Bous El Wawa Ball by Ranya 007


Lik al wawa, bous al wawa, 5ali al wawa ya sa7~


Shako Mako and Ranya 007 invite you all to sing and dance along with us in this love letter to the SWANA culture that we and so many others from the region and diaspora are part of.

This night is for every kid growing up with Melody Hits, Rotana Music and Mazzika TV.
So warm up those shoulders, hips and knees!
You’ll be using them even if you’re not on the runway!

[DISCLAIMER: Tonight is a night about celebrating and sharing our collective culture and history, its richness and beautiful that so many of us are a part of.
This goes both for SWANA culture and ballroom. Please be mindful of the space you occupy and share with us. This is not a space where appropriation or stereotyping is welcome.]




Baby Vogue OTA 🏆 – Dubai Influencer
You’re flying first class with Emirates, your all-inclusive Burj Al Arab room is waiting, Paris Hilton is DJ:ing and the cast of Dubai Bling will be there to rub shoulders with you. This will not only be a trip to remember, but your Instagram feed will look SO good! What fit will you be serving to make your followers green with envy?


European 🏆 – World Cup Anthem
It’s been four long years of waiting and we are ready for the celebrations, the screams, and the tears. But no world cup would be complete without an anthem that unites us and tonight you’re the pop sensation that will be tasked with that legacy. Bring it in a sporty look that shows that you are one with the football fans of the world!

All American 🏆 – Pepsi/Bebpsi
Coke? We don’t know her! In this house we serve Bepsi and Bepsi only. It is the cola that represents us and the ads that we will never forget. Bring it in a red and blue effect that shows your brand loyalty.



MF 🏆 – Amr Diab
This legendary pop star is truly an incomparable man. He changed the music video game for the region, he holds a Guinness world record, is called “the father of mediterranean music”, and has been an unstoppable heartthrob since his debut in 1983. Amr Diab is the man of the hour, every hour. Show us a look inspired by one of his many music videos and don’t forget to bring a reference photo!

FF 🏆 + 1000 SEK – Haifa Wehbe
Beauty queen, singer, model, actress and provocateur, Haifa Wehbe is truly an icon. She’s as beautiful as she is beloved. Her face has launched a thousand copycats and her wardrobe has been the source of both awe and outrage. Bring a reference photo and show us your favorite Haifa.

Face : MF 🏆 / FF 🏆 / NB 🏆 – Oum Kalthoum
One of the greatest voices in all of music history! Non other is as revered as Oum Kalthoum. Nicknamed “the star of the orient”, her songs are considered part of our cultural heritage and her image has been iconized since. As a tribute to this titan of Arabic music, accessorize your beautiful face in Oum Kalthoum’s trademark pearls and sunglasses.

Hands Vs. Arms 🏆 – Blinged out
Accessorizing is about excess. We need to see that you have it, own it, and can carry it. Whether gold, silver, bling or jewels, we need to see your adorned hands and arms.

Best Dressed 🏆 – Acceptance speech
Is your medium music, TV, or film? Well, whatever it is you better get ready! Because it’s awards season and no one delivers red carpet or speech podium looks quite like a SWANA celebrity. Tonight is all about high glamour and this is your moment!

Lip sync production 🏆 – Wedding party classics
The main course is over and all of the guests are nibbling on their piece of the wedding cake. The father of the bride announces that it’s time for the guests to share their well wishes and talents with the happy couple before hitting the dancefloor, and you know, this is your time to shine. For your tens, prepare the perfect song that would outshine the bride and make this entire wedding about YOU! (because you’re the main character, of course!)

Battle songs:
Down – Jay Sean
Kiss Kiss – Holly Valance
Stereo Love (Radio edit) – Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina
Hips don’t lie – Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean

Old Way OTA vs New way OTA 🏆 – Egyptian Hieroglyphics
We’re taking it back to the old school! One of the original schools! Can your body convey the language of ancient Egypt? Speak your truth and incorporate a Hieroglyph into your tens.

Vogue femme OTA🏆 – Dolma, Kubba, Ma3mool
We sure do love a crust, a casing, a wrap…but it’s the filling that is the most important part of these delicacies. Is your filling juicy, sweet, or spicy? We wanna know! No matter the outer layer, reveal the tastiness with a mandatory reveal during your tens.

Body OTA 🏆 – Ruby
In the music video for ‘Leih Beydary Keda’ the pop singer Ruby is seen working out and showing off her amazing body and dance moves. Inspired by her workout ensemble, bring it in a white outfit that shows off your body in the best way. Dumbbells mandatory!

Sex Siren:

MF🏆 – Massari
Are you ready to get into the mood with some sexy and seductive R’n’B? Because the Lebanese-Canadian singer Massari is definitely trying to get you to that magical place that makes the magic happen. Be inspired by Massari’s sensual debut music video for ‘Be Easy’ and get us in the mood.

FF 🏆 – Mariana (bunny ears)
In 2007 music video director Jad Shwery once again shocked audiences with his work on pop singer Mariana’s music video for ‘Kol Ma Bashoufak’. Dressed in a pair of bunny ears, Mariana appeared seemingly naked as she danced behind a black floating ‘Censored’ box that covered her body. What’s really on your body is up to you, but bring it with a pair of bunny ears.

Lion Babe 🏆 – Bassem Feghali
Jokingly nicknamed “The one drag queen even your Arab father likes”, actor, comedian and drag queen Bassem Feghali has made himself a household name with his many impersonations of Arab divas. In a 2022 Balenciaga campaign Bassem added ‘style icon’ to his resume when he opened the video waking up wearing a luxurious wrap coat. Bring it in a coat or a robe and show us what you’re hiding underneath….

Shake That Ass OTA 🏆 – Aunties Gone Wild
Many SWANA parties might not have alcohol, but that doesn’t stop the aunties from going absolutely WILD the second their song comes on! Cool, young, old or stuffy…once those drums start going so do the hips! A scarf to tie around your hips as you show off hazza is mandatory!


What is ballroom?

Ballroom is an underground subculture created by, and for the BIPOC LGBTQIA+ community in Harlem, New York. It stems from racism within drag pageant culture and has developed since the 1920s to what we know today. A ball is a space where you compete in categories varying between fashion, performance and passing into the hetero- cisnormative society. No, Madonna did NOT create vogue, and no dips will be called shablams tonight! Be mindful about the space you take up at a ball and make sure to do your research:

Documentaries to watch:



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This event is made in collaboration with The Swedish Arts Foundation.