Discoteque Shameless

30 november 23:00


A club we’ve been missing in this little town. A club where less
stays less, and more actually is more! A club that won’t mind you have that ice cream in bed. Or pouring ketchup all over that pasta. A club where your sweet lack of maners will be for once rewarded. A club where lovely deceadence beats stiff fashion. A club serving you silver plates full of DISCO! Topped with a sweet sauce of modern beats, sprinkled with feathers and gold, then finishes it all off with thebiggest cherry of all time! Oh, and of course, it all comes with a little house and techno on the side – flavours that never would have excisted if it wasn’t for the great mother of all modern dance music; DISCO! ♥

– Tid: 23:00-03:00
– Pris: 100 kr, gratis innan 23.30
– Ålder: 18 år
– Vi tar endast kort!
♥ Tillgängligt för rullstol
– Ytlig visitering i entrén på grund av säkerhet
☓ Exit = att du går hem