Back in the 90’s Party

30 mars 2018 | 21.00

Attention! 30th of March, a very interesting event will take place in Malmo.


The most mysterious Russian star of the 90’s Linda will play concert in the club «Moriska Paviljongen». 30th of March, Immediately after Linda’s concert, an unforgettable party ”Back in the 90’s!” Will take place in the club «Moriska Paviljongen».The best DJ`s will play top – hits of that time. Stunning Go-Dance-Girls guarantee explosive energy on the dance floor. And the original Freak-Show-Man will provide vivid impressions. Come and plunge into the 90’s with us! Tickets can be bought here:

Dj Kristina Silver is the embodiment of positive energy, cheerfulness and style. Her artistry and impeccable taste combined with excellent playing technique is the secret of the unifying, positive atmosphere that she creates during her performances. Kristina feels the dance floor and easily maneuvers in style and emotional flow, without losing contact with the public for a second. That’s why it easily and almost instantly “lights” even the huge dance floors. Kristina does not give preference to any one direction – in her DJ bag there is a place for the most diverse material.

Meet – this is # SiSiKech!!! Their goal – to give the public a vivid emotion, unexpected moves dissolving the usual framework of perception. They always give people the opportunity to break away from the ordinary. Their irrepressible energy, like a huge magnet, attracts admirers of quality dance music and funny madness.