04 mars 2017 | 22.00

Produced by TV.FEH
Visual by HORLA

The pleasure has been given to us 2 host one of the modern beatscene pioneers and ever evolving producer, Onra (FR).
With a large and varied discography ranging from lofi samplebased hiphop, edited and slowed down 80’s funk and a new modern take on g-funk his music has inspired alot of aspiring beatmakers…. Whatever the style the core is always vibes and soulful music…
We also invited local beatmakers 2 play their music for you..
We hope you can come through

Line Up;
Onra (FR)
Moose Dawa
DJ Swedbank
Max Science

I Bistron:

DJ-duon Trillpussies kommer med den bästa urbana musiken gjord av kvinnor och queers. De utlovar både twerk- och hångelvänlig musik kvällen till ära. Spelat tidigare på Nattstad på Grand, Svartklubben i Lund, Moriskan etc.