Opening Night | Nordisk Panorama 2019

19 september 19:30

Opening Night

Nordisk Panorama 2019 rolls out the red carpet for a glamorous Opening Night at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö… full of people, film and music. You are all welcome to an evening featuring the Swedish premiere of the Danish documentary ”Q’s Barbershop” directed by Emil Langballe.

”Qasim is the funkiest hairdresser in Vollsmose. The child of an immigrant family to Denmark, he not only has drive but a love of story and for his community. His haircuts unite young people from his neighbourhood, whose voices we otherwise rarely hear. Together they bring dignity, inspiration and hope to each other.”

The Opening Night marks the beginning of 6 days of film festival, where we will celebrate great storytelling, creative thinking, and diverse voices. And of course there will be dancing too!