Wednesday Night Hop & Beginners’ Lindy Hop + Spring Meeting

22 augusti 2018 | 19.45

Welcome to Cats’ Corners swingin’ Wednesdays’ at Moriska Paviljongen. The evening kicks off with a beginners’ Lindy Hop class at 8 pm and continues with a swinging social dance in Morsikans grand ballroom at 7.45 pm.

– Beginners Lindy Hop Class: 20.00-21.00*
– Social dance: 19.45-24.00
– Ballroom door fee: 70kr, 50kr for Cats’ Corner members*

Moriskan Bistro is closed for the summer until the 12th of September. Welcome to Moriskan trädgård instead, where the bar is open and we are serving really nice Texas Barbecue. No booking needed.

Opening hours:
Monday – Wednesday 16.30 – 02.00
Thursday – Friday 16.30 – 03.00
Saturday 11.30 – 03.00
Sunday 11.30 – 02.00

* These classes are included in the door fee. No preregistration or partner needed to take part.

The main dance on Wednesdays’ is Lindy Hop, a swing dance originating in the 30-40s in Harlem, NY. But you are always welcome to dance whatever you like or just hang out

Cats’ Corner is a non-profit dance organisation from Malmö. Our main focus is Lindy Hop, but we gladly also dance Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Blues, Authentic Jazz and other Swing dances.

This is also the new home for some of HepTowns weekly classes: Take a look at

There will be beginners weekends before the ordinary classes start. Registration will open in December and more information will be available before that at

Moriska Paviljongen är Malmös största oberoende kultur- och nöjeshus. Moriskan erbjuder Bistro, Bar, Kulturprogram och Nattklubb på 4 olika scener i en anrik miljö från 1901. Mer info finns på: