Klubb: BUMPS & RIOTS (The Ravishing Byrds)

04 maj 2018 | 23:00

Moriska Paviljongen presenterar ennu en gång burlesque till scenen!
Den 4 maj blir det: The Ravishing Byrds Burlesque presents BUMPS & RIOTS – Full force nudity.

The spring has finally sprung all the way to gloomy Sweden, and the Ravishing Byrds surely think that’s a cause for celebration! So of course we’re inviting all of you to a spectacular night at Moriska Paviljongen, suitable for everyone with a love for everything that’s body and bodily, glittery and glamoury, rebelly and of course revolutionary.

We will enchant you with performances to music from different ages, different genre and a broad variety of acts that will fill the most insatiable burlesque hunger.
There will be amazing performers taking the stage this evening, not only the large-and-in-charge Byrds! The international, award winning Fifi von Tassel from Norway, will grace us with her talents and curves, and the lovely MC Francesca Russo will guide you safely through the jungle of those swirling tits and jiggling asses that is burlesque.

And what night at Moriska Paviljongen is complete without the best DJs in the bizz playing all of your favourite queer – and female fronted dance hits? That’s right – not this night! These DJs will make sure you’ll be able to dance yourself sweaty all through the night.
Welcome one, welcome all! Bring your friends, lovers or just bring your own beautiful self. We can’t wait to see you in the audience!

Who are we?
The Ravishing Byrds Burlesque started dancing in 2012. In between all the hip swings and glittery outfits we have realized the political value in what we’re doing. Burlesque is not just an amazing and fun art form to watch; for us, burlesque is a feminist statement. Our bodies and sexualities are political.
We want to smash the ideal and challenge the norms of what are considered good looks and who is allowed to love and accept their body.

We demand that our bodies do not get sexualized on any other terms than our own.
We question who has the right to love their body, who is allowed to be seen and take up space in public, who is allowed to be funny with their body and who is allowed to sexualize their own body. We in the Ravishing Byrds Burlesque will show you all how we love our bodies – with full force nudity.

You can’t tell a person’s gender just by their appearances. Every individual knows best for themselves who they are, and everyone have the right to exist on their own terms. Always respect the people around you.

See you soon! XOXO /Ravishing Byrds

Where: Moriska Paviljongen, Spegelsalen
When: 4th of May, 23.00-03.00
Price: 100 kr, free before 23.30
You can only pay with card
Wheelchair accesible Exit = you’re going home

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Ät i Moriskans Bistro innan The Ravishing Byrds Burlesque – BUMPS & RIOTS!
Köket är öppet från 17.30
Boka bord via:
☏ 040-685 40 35